Ferrari 458 Italia review

           The Ferrari 458 Italia’s Pininfarina design provides further evidence of the complete departure from the past that this new car hails. The Ferrari 458 Italia has a compact, aerodynamic shape, underscoring the concepts of simplicity, efficiency and lightness that inspired the project. The front features a single opening for the front grille and side air intakes, with aerodynamic sections and profiles designed to direct air to the coolant radiators and the new flat underbody.

            Ferrari 458 Italia will succeed the famed F430, and is completely new according to the company. The numeric part of the name is derived from the engine displacement (4.5 liters) and number of cylinders (eight), while the Italia name was chosen because Ferrari feels the car exemplifies the flair and passion of its homeland.

           The engineers also focused on weight reduction during the design phase for similar reasons. Weight distribution is also optimal with 58 per cent over the rear axle. The result of the engineers’ endeavours can be summed up in to two simple statistics which together perfectly encapsulate the Ferrari 458 Italia’s exceptional performance: 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 3.4 seconds and a maximum speed in excess of 325 km/h.

          * Type of engine: V8 – 90°

          * Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 570 CV (425 kW)/ 9000 rpm

          * Fuel Consumption: 13.7 l/100 km

          * Emissions: 320 g CO2/km

          * Weight: 1380 kg (3042 lbs)

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