Chevrolet Volt review

       Chevrolet chose to put two bucket seats in the rear, limiting the Volt to four passengers. This arrangement, which somewhat limits the car's practicality, is because of the T-shaped 16 kWh lithium ion battery pack running down the center. But fold down the rear seats, and you can pack a lot of gear into the back of the Volt. 

          The Volt is a four seats, four doors "series-parallel plug-in hybrid" hatchback with a lithium ion battery pack that can power the car's 149shorsepowers (111 kilowatts) electric motor by itself for an estimated 40 miles in the city. After that, the gasoline powered inline 4 engine primarily supplies electricity to the motor for as many as 300 additional miles

         The Chevrolet Volt's distinctive center stack appears to have been modeled after various personal electronic devices with touch-sensitive buttons. It looks less like an automotive control panel than an oversized iPod, which we applaud; after all, if you're spending this much money on a vehicle, you'll likely expect a little something special inside. Overall interior quality is also high, with materials that seem to be the best yet from recently improved Chevrolet.


           * Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 111 / 150
           * Steering: electric power assist 
           * Top Speed: 100
           * Brakes: four-wheel disc, fully regenerative to maximize energy capture
           * Price (est): $40,280

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