Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style review

        The Mercedes-Benz F 800 Style research vehicle shows the future of premium cars from a new perspective: the one off five seater executive saloon combines efficient drive technologies with unparalleled safety and convenience features as well as an emotive design idiom, which interprets current Mercedes Benz styling in line with the brand's hallmark attribute of refined sportiness. With an exterior length of 4.75 metres, the F 800 Style offers a generously-sized interior incorporating intelligent seating, control and display concepts. 

         The Mercedes Benz also touts the concept's flexible powertrain platform. The realistic option is a plug-in hybrid system that's basically an offshoot of the V6 light hybrid setup found in the S400 Sedan. Mercedes says this new plug-in gas-electric system, which is good for over 400 combined horsepower, gives the car an EV-only driving range of 18 miles. The automaker has announced that a new plug-in system is headed to the next-gen S-class, so don't dismiss the F800's hybrid setup as trendy green pandering. Save that cynicism for the concept's other powertrain option: a compact fuel cell/electric setup evolved from the one used in the current F Cell cars.

          The F 800 Style is both a technology platform and a showcar. This research vehicle was created as a result of collaboration between technical research and advanced engineering departments and the advanced design studios in Sindelfingen, Germany and Como, Italy. Its exterior appearance is marked by a long wheelbase, short body overhangs and a sensually flowing roof line.

           * Transmission: 7G-TRONIC seven-speed automatic
           * Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 290 Nm
           * Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 4.8

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