Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept review

          On 1 March 2010, Bugatti’s headquarters introduced the Bugatti 16C Galibier concept – planned to be the most exclusive, elegant, and powerful four-door automobile in the world.

          With 16-cylinders, 8-litres engine and two-stages supercharging. What makes this so special is that it was developed as a flex-fuel 2 Bugatti engine, and can optionally be run on ethanol. Four-wheels drive, specially developed ceramic brakes and a new suspension design give the car agile, precise handling despite its saloon dimensions.

         The Bugatti 16 C Galibier Conceptis a large and impressive four-doors hatchback, just like the Porsche Panamera. No dimensions were revealed, but it’s about 216 inches long and has a wheelbase of around 144 inches. With speedometer reading 390 km/h (242 mph), seems to back up Bugatti’s aim for the Galibier to be the most powerful and fastest four-doors in the world.


          * Type of engine: 16-cylinder, 8-litre engine with two-stage supercharging

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