2011 Lexus LFA review

        Lexus claims multiple justifications for the LFA program. It’s also a way for Toyota to explore new technologies, particularly carbon-fiber construction. And since Lexus says it will be selective about whom it will sell to - car collectors and high-profile individuals who use the car rather than park it - the LFA should raise the cachet of the brand as a whole. With a low 3,263 lb (1480kg) curb weight - achieved by the extensive use of lightweight Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) for the chassis and bodywork - and an explosive 412kW/560DIN hp, the LFA steps into the supercar arena with a heady power to weight ratio of 278 kW/378 DIN hp per tonne.

          The LFA is the first supercar to wear the Lexus badge and, as with every Lexus, features class-leading active and safety levels. As with the crash box, these triangular extruded structures deform in controlled stages. The rear extruded aluminum crash box operates in a similar manner, delivering exceptional rear impact protection. Stiffer, stronger and lighter than any equivalent metal structure, the carbon fiber tub provides the ultimate in impact protection, as well as a solid platform for the LFA’s advanced front and rear crash boxes.

           The Lexus LFA’s engine is a 4.8-liter V-10 codeveloped with Yamaha. It’s a compact unit that makes 553 horsepower at 8700 rpm and revs to a giddy 9000 rpm. Maximum torque of 354 pound-feet peaks at 6800 rpm, with 90 percent available between 3700 and 9000 revs. Rear-wheel drive LFA rockets to 60 mph (96km/h) in 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 202 mph (325km/h).

           * Type of engine: 10-cylinders, 72° V-type

           * Power (SAE net): 553 bhp @ 8700 rpm

           * Displacement cu in (cc): 4805

           * Transmission: 6-speed automated manual

           * Acceleration 0-60 mph s: 3.6

           * Curb weight: 3500 lb

           * Fuel Ecnomy (EPA city/highway driving):14/20 mpg

           * Price (est): $370,000

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