Ascari A10 - Wonderful review

          If the motor car were invented today, there is absolutely no way that any government in the world would let normal members of the public drive one. They’d argue it’d be too dangerous, too complicated and suitable only for presidents and members of the armed forces. 

           Happily, however, it was born at a time when the world hadn’t got round to muddling up liberty with freedom. And as a result, it’s become jolly popular. Today the world is groaning under the weight of 600m vehicles. And Japan alone is adding to that number at the rate of 22,000 a day. That is unsustainable growth. 
his raises an interesting question. If we’re so worried about melting ice caps and rising sea levels, what’s the world going to look like when 600m motor vehicles start to chuck water out of their tail-pipes? A point only I seem to have spotted thus far. Which means it’s probably irrelevant. 

          But it isn’t all brute-force barnyard technology. It has quite the best steering of any car I’ve ever driven. Perfectly weighted. Perfectly linear in its response. All car makers should be forced, by law, to drive an A10 so they can see what they’re aiming for. 

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