Mosler MT900S review

          The Mosler MT900S is the road going version of the mighty MT900 racer. This extremely successful GT racer has been heavily raced in both America and Europe and the resulting development has provided the basis for the road variant, the MT900S. This car is being produced in limited numbers in order to homologate the racecar for Le Mans in 2007.

         The mid placed Corvette LS6 V8 provides the power for this stunning road and track capable supercar. Available in up to 7 litres with 540 bhp/ 540lbft the performance is exceptional. This power is transmitted to the road via an inverted Porsche GT3 R 6 speed manual transaxle and limited slip differential although sequential shift race Hewland transaxles are available to harness the power and torque should the car be more track focussed.

         The aluminium engine coolant radiator is situated at the front of the car and is mounted on the carbon fibre undertray. Fully ducted in carbon fibre and mounted to the front subframe the front splitter structure provides the initial crash protection for any frontal impacts.

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