BMW 5-series review

           The BMW 5 Series Sedan is pure aesthetics, combined with highly agile vehicle dynamics and unsurpassed comfort. Our engineers combine time-tested BMW concepts, such as the driver-facing centre console with state-of-the-art technology in the Dynamic Damper Control and the Head-Up Display, which brings important information directly into the driver’s view on the front windscreen.
           Strange that BMW has since launched a weird hatchback/saloon hybrid called the GT, because the market has already voted with its wallets. Since 1972 and through five generations, more than 5.5 million examples of the 5-series have been built. Along with the Mercedes-Benz E-class, the 5-series epitomises the big German saloon. It is also responsible for more than 50 per cent of BMW's annual profits.
          The BMW5 have two engines will be offered at the launch in March, both twin-cam, straight-six all-aluminium units, burning diesel or petrol and priced at £37,100 and £37,090 respectively in SE trim. Smaller capacity, four-cylinder engines will follow, including the most popular derivative, the £28,165 520d SE. Natürlich this new 5-series arrives with what was described as a "cavalcade of technology" including self parking, a stop-start system for the 520d, eight-speed automatic transmission, active steering, intelligent alternator charging, a head-up information display and iDrive, BMW's single control selector capable of rendering drivers speechless with bewilderment. 

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