Buick Regal review

           The Regal will be available only in CXL trim at launch, with standard leather seating surfaces, a power driver’s seat, a standard six-speed automatic transmission, heated front seats, and satellite radio. A backup camera, blind-spot monitoring, rear-seat side airbags, and a navigation system will be on the options list. The navigation system has three interfaces: a touch screen; a wheel-type controller by the driver’s right hand; and large buttons on the center console. 
The Buick Regal CXL is a good-looking sedan with smart handling and a full-featured infotainment system. Hard-drive-based navigation; DVD playback with 5.1 surround; XM satellite radio, weather, and traffic; iPod and MP3 playback; and an innovative capability to pause live radio broadcasts for up to 20 minutes round out a solid cabin tech package. But power delivery in the 2.5-liter-engine model leaves much to be desired and doesn't seem well matched to the six-speed automatic transmission. The physical controls of the infotainment system aren't very well integrated.

           The Regal drives much like an Insignia, we discovered, which is a good thing. Buick had only turbo models on hand for our drive. They were equipped with the base suspension, 18 nch wheels, and a nonvariable steering rack. We have to say we prefer this setup based on previous experience in Europe with the adaptive chassis system. The IDCS gives the steering more linearity and more friction in its sport setting than in the other modes, but it is still overly aggressive on turn-in, whereas the nonvariable setup is nicely weighted and intuitiv.

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