Aston Martin DBS review

       The DBS is manufactured using the finest materials, with a combination of hand-finishing and pioneering high-technology processes. From the exceptional quality of the design and finish to the advanced production techniques employed to save weight and create strength, the DBS is both a technological masterpiece and a powerful visual and tactile experience, inside and out.

       The engine produces 60bhp more than the DB9 and provides the DBS with an inexorable urge; 0-62mph time is 4.3sec. But it is driving the DBS for long distances on challenging roads when the power, flexibility and sound of six litres at work combine to create an unremitting, addictive delight, the V12 providing fine entertainment even when just burbling slowly through a village. Steering is ideally weighted and those huge ceramic brakes are very, very comforting.

        The interior of the DBS represents the epitome of Aston Martin's commitment to using materials honestly, without disguise or embellishment. Lightweight materials are used throughout to save weight; door pulls are made from carbon-fiber, for example, and the carpet has been woven with lighter fibers to save weight. Special semi-aniline leather is used throughout the cabin, saving weight as well as giving a soft feel and distinctive aroma.


          * Type of engine: V12
          * Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 510(380) / 6500
          * Weight lb (kg): 3737 (1695)
          * Top Speed mph (km/h): 191 (302)
          * CO2 emissions: 388g/km
          * Price (est): £162,500

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