Dodge EV Concept - Sport car review

        The Dodge EV electric sports car concept, based on the Lotus Europa, is exactly the car ailing Chrysler LLC needs. There's nothing particular outstanding about the Dodge EV when compared with other electric sports cars such as the Tesla Roadster, the RUF Concept A or the 2010 MINI E. The chassis comes courtesy of the Lot us Europa, that British automaker's larger sports car.

           Powering that motor is a lithium ion battery pack, mounted just behind the cabin. Chrysler's mum on the technical details here, but says the batteries will provide enough power for a 150 to 200 mile range. Recharging can be done in four hours via a 220 volts outlet, or in eight hours with a standard 110 volts household outlet.


            * Type of engine: Full Electric 200 kW Motor
            * Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 268 Equivalent bhp

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