Pagani Huayra- the car of 2012

            Pagani got great success over the decade with their outrageous design sense, and with 2012 Pagani Huayra the company hasn’t tried anything different. The company has extensively known as the company which is utterly different from the other automakers in the market. The most prominent model from Pagani is the Pagani Zonda, and despite its immense success and prominence the Horacio Pagani has claimed that their new car is completely different from the Pagani Zonda.

       The engine’s systems have been designed and tested to stand up to the most adverse conditions of temperature and performance. The Huayra has been subjected to the highs of Death Valley and the lows of the Arctic Circle. The two lateral radiators are positioned in the front to guarantee the best cooling efficiency of the intercoolers placed over the cylinder heads. Dry sump lubrication ensures an optimal oil feed to the engine even when the car is subjected to the most extreme lateral accelerations.

          The standard version of the turbocharged 5,980cc V12 engine will be generating maximum power of 700 horsepower @6,300 rpm and 664 lbs-ft of maximum torque from 2,500 to 4,250 rpm. The Sport version on the other hand will be having power of 730 horses and 811 pounds-feet of maximum torque. The basic engine is from Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. It should be noted that the AMG version of the engine gets completely new cylinder heads, pistons, turbochargers and exhaust manifolds. The best thing here is that the Horacio Pagani has made sure that the turbocharged engine of the car meets the air emission regulations and hence he intends to get certification for US market.

           * Type of engine: Mercedes-AMG M158 V12 twin-Turbo
           * Braes: Carbon Ceramic Brakes
           * Price: $1.1 millions

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