Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept review

        The XTS Platinum Concept was designed from the inside out, re-imagining the luxury sedan as a personal headquarters, built for efficiency, luxury and connectivity. The concept introduces a new approach to in-car electronics that improves the form and function of the car’s entertainment, navigation and information systems.

         The platform of the XTS is believed to be an upgraded variant of GM's Epsilon II architecture, so it should prove to be quite capable when it comes to dynamic maneuvers. In keeping with its branding, the concept also gets some extra niceties such as the magnetic ride damping system found on the CTS-V and the Corvette ZR1. As the flagship of the Cadillac brand, the XTS would also likely use the Haldex-based torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system found in the new SRX 2.8-liter turbo, the departed Saab Turbo-X and the Opel Insignia OPC.

           The XTS Platinum Concept uses Cadillac’s 3.6L V-6 Direct Injection gas engine, paired with a plug-in hybrid system. The plug-in technology enables the battery to fully charge from a standard electrical outlet, enabling pure electric propulsion in many driving situations, especially urban commutes in which fuel efficiency may double that of a conventional hybrid.


           * Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 350 hp (260 kW)
           * Front Suspension: four-wheel independent with Magnetic Ride Control

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