Renault DeZir review

          Renault has provided a preview glimpse of its new concept car, DeZir, ahead of this year's Paris Motor Show. DeZir stands out as an illustration of the brand's commitment to more emotional styling. DeZir's sensuous lines and bright red finish express passion.

        The Renault DeZir is environmentally friendly because it is 100% powered by electricity. Its front end exhibits a full width air intake and the chrome finish of the diamond contrasts of the grille both honor the Renault logo. The lightness of the interior is inspired from a romantic encounter, thus, a splash of white leather calmed with red lacquered accessories. A dashboard, which uses graphics similar to video games, allows the driver to see the real-time signal of the energy supply.

        DeZir is powered by an electric motor mounted in a mid-rear position to optimize weight distribution over the front and rear wheels. The vertically-mounted 24kW/h lithium-ion battery is located behind the benchseat and provides the car with a range of 160km. Battery cooling is ensured not only by the air channelled from the front to the back of the car, but also and above all by the flow of air that enters through the lateral scoops concealed behind the aluminium panels on either side of the body.


          * Type of engine: Electric synchronous motor with rotor coil
          * Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 110kW / 150hp
          * Transmission: Rear-wheel drive Direct, drive, with reducer and forward/reverse inverte
          * Acceleration (0-100 km/h): 5 seconds
          * Curb Weight: 830kg

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