Lamborghini Estoque Concept review

         The Estoque is the first decidedly new model to come from Lamborghini in several years. The Italian super sports car maker's current line, consisting of only the top of the line Lamborghini Murcielago and the smaller Gallardo, plays things relatively safe as supercar makers go.

         The proportions of the Lamborghini Estoque are simply fascinating: no other automobile combines so convincingly the elegance of length with the sporting attributes of a low profile and impressive breadth. Or to put it into figures - the concept painted in an all new color, is 5.15 meters (16.89 feets) long and 1.99 meters (6.53 feets) wide, with a height of only 1.35 metres (4.43 feets). The wheelbase is a stately 3.01 meters (9.88 feets) - an equally important element of elegant vehicle architecture.

         The Lamborghini Estoque is the new concept from Lamborghini. Lamborghini will introduce Estoque that constitute sedan d segment. Upcoming The Estoque with 6496cc, 12 Cylinder, V12′S machine that can give maximum energy 640 Bhp @ rpm 8000. Lamborghini Estoque’s top speed is surrounding 340 km / the time of day and having 6 manual speed transmissions.


           * Type of engine: 6496cc, 12 Cylinder, V12 Petrol
           * Body Type: Four Door, Four Seat GT Sedan
           * Maximum Power: 640 Bhp @ 8000 rpm
           * Seating Capacity : 4
           * Width: 6.53 feets
           * Length: 16.89 feets
           * Height: 4.43 feets
           * Price (est): $130,000


  1. Beautiful car ... I'd like a BMW, has great features ... and this crisis can pass:) and who knows .... I go to the section I read blog ... Good day!

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